About Us
We know our guests will feel at home when we feel at home. We deliver great service each and every day with a spirit of kindness, teamwork, and hospitality.

Imagine, that when you are going to visit Prague - city of 100 towers, you get a chance to choose between: expansive and,most of the time typical room in the hotel, 
where you probably will get bored, and you, someone who cares about your priceless time, will run away to the beautiful streets of Prague, old capital of Bohemia, 
and forgetting about old good rest, you will be around all the time, trying to remember everything, or, second option that you will love is -Pension. Imagine, that you 
have very good friends in Prague, that will show you around the city, and take you to places, that are famous among locals. Moreover, they will provide you a comfortable, 
cozy place to stay in, with vey nice price, in a huge house with a garden, outside swimming pool, comfortable and big rooms, and beautiful pond with fish, that you can 
feed, while sitting on a small stone bridge, just by the mini waterfall, where the Bonsai tree is growing. And when you will be sitting in the calm evening, breathing-in 
clear air under the stars, feeling the smell of grilled meat, you will understand, that the rest time after that busy day in the city, doesn't seem like boring, 
it is filled with comfort and feelings, that remind you of home. This is the real holiday. 
We are those good friends of yours.Welcome, our lovely guest! We will gladly meet you in the airport, tell you all the secrets of our city, and will never make you feel like you 
are alone in the city, where scam could be walking around. We will make an amazing breakfast with freshly baked bread for you and suggest beautiful places for a walk. 
We will help you to save your money from overpriced places. Let us make your stay in Prague awesome and memorable, and we give you a word, that you will fall in love 
with Prague, as we did. 
We are looking forward to meeting you, our dear guest.


Dear guests, dear friends, we thank you for choosing us, Pension Bonsai. We always work on maximum, to provide you with the best service,so you feel like home, in our lovely house. If you have got any ideas for improvement, please feel free to leave us a feedback, that will help us to improve our work in future. Remember, that you are 
always welcome, and we are waiting for you to visit us again. We wish you a safe journey back home! Your Pension Bonsai.
Your Penzion Bonsai